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Cashmere fibers come from goats in the high, dry plateaus of mongolia, tibet and china. The goats grow a fine downy undercoat each winter to protect themselves from the severe cold of the asian steppe, and each spring it is combed off and sold.

Cashmere goats originated on the northern slopes of the Himalayas and migrated with Chinese herders to Inner Mongolia and the northern provinces of China in the 10th and 12th centuries. When the infamous Mongol leaders Kublai and Ghenghis Khan forged their Asian Empire one hundred years later, cashmere slowly tricked into trade routes with the West but remained exceedingly rare.

In the late 1700s, the wealthiest English businessmen began returning home from Asia with kashmiri shawls as presents for their wives. These exceedingly rare and luxurious pieces became symbols of wealth and aristocracy in britain – to own a shawl was to have bragging rights to a worldly, successful husband.

Towards the end of the 1800s the frenzy for kashmiri shawls settled down, but the passion for cashmere did not. Cashmere roared into Vogue in the 1920s with the birth of the high-fashion sweater in America. Before then, knitted sweaters were utilitarian or athletic items. This changed even more when designers including Patou, Chanel and Schiaparelli began designing cashmere sweaters in the 1930s as fashionable, luxurious winter wear.

Recently asked questions

Is cashmere itchy?
Kat Cashmere garments are made of 100% cashmere and cashmere blend soft yarns and are not itchy. It is only when the garment made of not 100% cashmere or synthetic fibers, the itch may occur.

How to shrink cashmere sweater?
Unfortunately, once cashmere sweater stretched there are no practical options to return the sweater to its original shape. However, here are a few tips to prevent the streching: Carefully fold garment for storage. For added protection, wrap your garment in tissue paper. Do not hang cashmere on hangers or hooks, as this will likely stretch the garment out of its original shape.

Does cashmere pill?
All natural fibres pill a little. If your cashmere sweater pills, just wash it. Pilling is caused by rubbing and dirt, so it is a good idea to wash frequently. The more you wash it, the better! Avoid harsh fabrics on top of your cashmere, such as fleece. Remember that your purse strap can harm your sweater.

Is there a difference in the quality of cashmere?
Yes, there are many degrees of cashmere quality. At Kat Cahmere we design all our cashmere in Durham, NC and use cashmere from mongolia, which is the best in the world.

When I am not wearing my cashmere, how do I protect it from moth?
Moth is attracted to stains of dirt, sweat and perfume. Ensure that your cashmere is always clean & dry prior to storing.

Why should I order a cashmere sweater from Kat Cashmere?
Kat Cashmere design team along with Katerena DePasquale, the head designer, is always striving to deliver the next 'it' sweater. Here at Kat Cashmere we not only have a unique style and constantly updating collections, but also a provision of the best quality of 100% cashmere.

How accurate are the colors on your site?
The colors swatches featured on each style page can vary depending on your computer monitor. Some colors might seem too bright or too dull, which is a difficult thing to control using digital images. We have strived to make the colors as representative as possible.

I live in a warm climate, therefore, cashmere is too hot for me to wear?
Cashmere can be worn in all climates as it comes in different weights. For summer wear, 14 and 16 guage cashmere sweaters are best as they are lighter in weight and will allow skin to breathe. Kat Cashmere 14 gauge cotton/cashmere Daisy cardigan is an ideal summer item.